Trek to Budhinanda Taal – Destination after Covid19

Budhinanda taal (lake) is not famous among Kathmanduties and travelers. One of the off-the-beaten-track destination in West Nepal, which dared to redefine the concept of conventional trekking.⁣⁣
The 13-day trek to the Budhinandha Tal (lake), a pilgrimage site in one of the remotest part of Far West Nepal, Bajura, included almost 4 days of barefoot walking braving an elevation of 4,600 meters.⁣⁣


Day 1-2: Kathmandu to Martadi (Bus & by foot)⁣⁣
Day 3: Martadi to Pandu Sen⁣⁣
Day 4: Pandu Sen to Kolti to Dadkharka⁣⁣
Day 5: Dadkharka to chapre odar (camp)⁣⁣
Day 6: Chapre odar to dhauli Odar(camp) ⁣⁣
Day 7: dhauli Odar to budhinanda to Ranikharka(camp)⁣⁣
Day 8: Ranikharka, chapre to Dogra (near Nuri)⁣⁣
Day 9: Dogra to Kolti⁣⁣
Day 10: Rest Day ⁣⁣
Day 11: Kolti to NepalGunj (Fly)⁣⁣
Day 12: Rest day⁣⁣
Day 13: Nepalgunj to Ktm (Bus)⁣⁣
? District : Bajura⁣⁣
? Difficulty Level : Hard⁣⁣
? Budget : 25k⁣⁣
Thanks to @joshi_shishir for sharing the amazing destination with us.⁣⁣
?? If you also want to share any destination to be travel after Covid-19 ends, DM us or email us at travellingnepaltips@gmail.com with details.?

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