Paanch Pokhari Trek – Sindhupalchowk

Panch Pokhari is situated at an elevation of about 4100m above sea level. This is a famous Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site in Nepal. Panch Pokhari lies to the north of the Kathmandu valley; the chain of peaks called Jugal Himal that includes Dorje Lakpa (6966m) Madiya (6257m) and Phurb Chhyachu (6,637 m). This is a remote and unfrequented region, despite being close to Kathmandu.

Watch the birdeye view of Panchpokhari shot by Nammy Hang Kirat

Day 1 : Drive from Kathmandu to Chhimti and Trek to Tuppi Danda aka Brongdogyang (2,019 m) (Trek- 4 hrs)

We all were excited for this trek, for this was one of a kind trek for all of us, the most awaited one.  Friends along with the family! We all gathered at Kalopul where Shree Lama dai (our Vehicle contact) had agreed to come and we hit the road at around 8 AM.

Passing through Bhaktapur, Sanga, Banepa, Dhulikhel, we reached Melamchi Bazar at around 11 am where we stopped by for our lunch with fish from Melamchi. We witnessed the distressing scene of Melamchi Bazar, buildings and bridges swept away by the recent flood in the monsoon. We crossed the river by a temporary bridge constructed by laying hume pipes. After crossing the river, we had to travel through off-road and a few disrupted roads. We crossed through Gunsa ( formerly known as Thangpal) and Bhotang village and finally reached Chimmti at around 3 pm.

We started our trek from Chimmti at 3:30 pm. Right after 5 mins, we were welcomed by a beautiful waterfall, a beautiful river flowing below it, and a suspension bridge over it. The 1st day of the Trek was all about climbing uphills and our last stop for the day was Tuppi danda (Known as Brongdogyang in the local Tamang language). We crossed through  Deurali, a day stop for many people, but we decided to move ahead to Tuppi danda and had a nice stay at Kale dai’s homestay.

Chhimti Village
Our companions; all set to hit the trail.

Day 1 Travel facts
Drive: Kalopul (Kathmandu) to Chimtti (Around 6 hours)
Trek: Chimti to Tuppi danda (Around 4 hours)
Difficulty: Moderate
Specialty: Bhotang and Chimti Village, Raithane Pokhari, Waterfalls, River, Suspension Bridge, and lush green forest.

Hotel/LodgeContact Number
Tungna hotel and lodge 9866285760 / 9863553215 (for Deurali)
Kale Tamang9847309570 (for Tuppi Danda, he also has a homestay in Chimmti)

Day 2: Tuppi Danda (Brongdogyang)- Chokergyang- Nosyampaati (3700 m) (Trek 7- 8 hrs)

If you remember, We had a nice rest at Kale dai’s homestay at Tuppidanda (Brongdogyang) at 2700 m.a.s.l. on the first day.

It was a chilly morning, we had a light breakfast and were getting ready to hit the trail when Dawa bhai and his friend were playing Tungna in front of Tsering Homestay (which apparently is a bigger and older hotel). We too spent some time having fun playing Tungna. And then we finally left to have our lunch at  Choker Gyang, (Choker danda).

The trail was so beautiful, full of greenery, where we could actually experience the peaceful wilderness. We all were walking at our own pace which somehow was a kind of therapy to walk in the wild on our own but feeling safe at heart.  Crossing through, forests mantled with mist, sounds and sights of rivulets,  wooden bridge, sounds of tinkling bells of grazing chauris in the meadow, and finally a beautiful trail uphill leading us to Dawa bhai’s small hotel on the Chokergyang( 3300m). We had a delicious lunch with Padamchal(Rheum australe) ( a herb)’s chatni and garlic soup there. As we were with our family including old parents; we were not rushing just for the destination; whereas we were enjoying our journeys every bit, So we spent some time there resting and playing chess. We headed off at around 2 and our journey was followed up by the encounter with multiple Chhortens and a  beautiful stone-paved trail accompanied by beautiful Rhododendron forest and autumn leaves all over. The light of the setting sun was adding the golden touch to the surroundings . We felt blessed and overwhelmed. Then we finally reached Nosyampaati ( 3700m) at around 5 pm. We could see a beautiful panoramic view of that area from there. We freshened up and wrapped ourselves in warm blankets as there was a strong cold wind. We had a plan to stay there to acclimatize. So we stayed in Nimsinga Dai and Bina didi’s Hotel that night.

Enjoying Tungna’s Melody before leaving Tuppi Danda
Into the woods…
Choker Gang

Day 2 Travel Facts
Trek: Tuppi danda (Brongdogyang) – Chokergyang (3 hours),
Chokergyang to Nosyam paati (3 hours)
Difficulty : Moderate

Hotel/LodgeContact Number
Nosyampaati Homestay and Lodge 9848921440 9741392660
Dawa / Tsering Tamang Choker gyang 9847309570

Day 3: Nosyampati -Lauri Bina- Panchpokhari (4000 m ) (Trek- 4 hours )

We woke up to an amazing sunrise tossing the beautiful mountains. We could clearly see Jugal in the east and Ama Yangri in the West. We had our breakfast and headed towards Panchpokhari. The view was mesmerizing throughout the trail. Crossing through Chhata Ghabha (a narrow passage having religious importance in Hindu and Buddhist mythology) , rocky terrains, steep hills, grueling stairs we reached Lauri Bina and then finally entered Panchpokhari area. It was an overwhelming moment, it felt like being in a hermetic land.
We had our lunch at Sano Kancha dai’s homestay , rested for a while and then went to the helipad. We wanted to explore Maanam too, but we returned halfway through cause the weather got misty and dark. We stayed at Sano Kancha dai’s hotel that night.

Day 3 Travel facts

Trek: Nosyampati -Lauri Bian- Panchpokhari (Trek- 4 hours )
Difficulty : Moderate
Speciality : Beautiful landscapes, Wildflowers, Waterfalls and Panchpokhari

Hotel/LodgeContact Number
Nosyampaati Homestay and Lodge9848921440, 9741392660
Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and Lodge9863548196
Bhim Tamang, Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and LodgeBhim Tamang
Arjun Tamang, Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and LodgeBhim Tamang

Day 4: Panchpokhari- Viewpoint (Trek- 30 mins to An hour trek )- Back to Tuppi Danda/ Brongdogyang (Trek 7 hrs)

Before any of us woke up or anybody’s alarm rang, Sano Kancha dai came to knock on our door “ Are you not going to see the sunrise from the viewpoint? It’s 5 am already?” We then started to hurry to get ready to march for the viewpoint; the highest point throughout the trek. It took about half an hour to one (depending upon the individual’s pace) to reach the viewpoint. But somehow we missed the sunrise. When we reached the top (4200 m.a.s.l.), we were speechless to see the magnificent mountain ranges up so close. Dorje Lakpa (6966m) Madiya (6257m) and Phurbi Chhyachu (6,637 m) of Jugal Himal Series were glowing with the first ray of the sun. And the beautiful view of Panchpokhari on the other side was equally alluring. We spent quite some time on the top, capturing the beautiful moments. Then we walked around panch pokhari circling all five of them and reached our hotel at 10 am. We had our early lunch, rested for a while then left for Tuppi danda. We finally reached Tuppi Danda and rested for the day at Chhiring Homestay.

Day 4 Travel facts

Trek: Panchpokhari- Viewpoint (Trek- 30 mins- An hour trek )- Back to Tuppi Danda/ Brongdogyang
Difficulty : Moderate
Speciality : Jugal Mountain range, Panoramic view of Panchpokhari,Beautiful landscapes, Wildflowers

Hotel/LodgeContact Number
Nosyampaati Homestay and Lodge9848921440, 9741392660
Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and Lodge9863548196
Bhim Tamang, Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and LodgeBhim Tamang
Arjun Tamang, Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and LodgeBhim Tamang

Day 5: Tuppi Danda (Brongdogyang)- Chhimti- (2 hrs Trek), Chhimti- Kathmandu ( drive 6 hrs)

On the last day of the trek, the morning was unlike the previous mornings, where everyone would be scrambling to pack their bags and get ready for the trek. Since we knew the distance from Tuppi Danda to Chimti, everyone was pretty relaxed. We met up with Syange Bhai who was our local guide for the way and was also helping us carry some of our loads. We followed him for the rest of the way, and we made a wise decision by doing so because he showed us the Haweli – which is now damaged from the 2015 earthquake – and Drugk Gumba, along with a cave and a stupa. If we had not followed him, we would have completely missed it, as the path to reach them was separate from the regular trail.

After 3-4 hours of sightseeing and walking, we reached the suspension bridge which is right next to Chimti. Our driver Shree Lama dai was waiting for us, and while our lunch was being prepared, we decided to go to the waterfall. We took some photos and decided to fly our FPV drone and it ended up crashing and falling on the waterfall. Luckily, we were able to rescue the drone. We then had our lunch and finally left Chimtti. While on the way, we also had a nice time swimming in a local river near Bhotang. And after a 6-hour jeep ride, we finally reached Kathmandu and our journey ended with the feeling of contentment.

We would like to thank each and every member of Panch Pokhari community and also to every lovely person we met on the trail. Though the road after crossing Melamchi is still not in a good condition and requires improvement for the smoother flow of the internal tourism, Panch Pokhari has a lot to offer and explore. Many people inquired about the availability of hotels in Panchpokari trek and there are many rumors and false information that there is no hotel on the route but we can assure you that if you coordinate well with the local people you’ll have no issues with lodging. We hope to see many people travelling Panch Pokhari in the coming days.

Day 5 Travel facts:

Trek: Tuppi Danda (Brongdogyang)- Chhimti- (2 hrs Trek), Chhimti- Kathmandu ( drive 6 hrs)
Difficulty: Easy
Specialty: Drugk monastery, Haweli, Chhimti Waterfall, Swimming, Gunsa ( Beautiful Village of Tamang Community)

Hotel/LodgeContact Number
Bhim Tamang, Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and LodgeBhim Tamang9863548196
Arjun Tamang, Panchpokhari Bhim Arjun Shankar Hotel and LodgeBhim Tamang9848933271
Dawa Tamang/ Chhiring Tamang, Tuppi danda
9741337039, 9863548829

Day 1: Drive from Ktm – Chhimti, Trek upto Tuppi Dada (Brongdogyang)
Day 2: Tuppi Dada -Choker Gyang- Nosyampaati (3700 m) ( *Note: People reach Panchpokhari on the same day depending upon the pace and stamina. But it’s a good idea to stay at Nosyampaati to acclimatize)
Day 3: Nosyampaati – Panch pokhari (4100 m) (also explored Maanam )
Day 4: Climb upto View Point (30 mins), Stroll around Panch Pokhari – Descend to Tuppi Dada
Day 5: Descend to Chhimti (Trek), Chhimti- Kathmandu (Drive)

Note: We had reserved a bolero Jeep which can accommodate 8 people. One way costs Nrs.12000
Vehicle Contact number: 986-3548817 ( Shree Lama)

Important Contacts:
9863548196 Bhim Tamang
9848933271 Arjun Tamang
9840669066 Shankar Tamang
9751337039 Chhiring Tamang (For Tuppi Dada)

Travelling Facts :
District : Sindhupalchok
Duration : 4 Night 5 Days
Max Altitude : 4100 m
?Budget : 8K – 10K/person
?Difficulty Level : Moderate
?Best Season : September to mid november, March to May
Major Attraction: Panch Pokhari, Wetland, Panoramic snow covered soaring high Himalayan peaks (Jugal, Dorje Lakpa, Madiya, Phurbi Chhyachu), majority of Tamang people and their own traditional culture, beautiful and scenic Bhotang and Chhimti Village.

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