Kulekhani Dam

Kulekhani Dam, Markhu and Chitlang

Kulekhani Dam, Markhu and Chitlang is a loop travelling site where we can travel for a day hike, mountain bike ride, small gathering, picnic, and place to be with your friends and families. This route is one of the nearest place from the kathmandu to hangout with our friends and families and also if we are looking for the night out with some barbecue and musical jam up and fire camp then this site can be a great alternative for your kind of interest.

Here is a video from Ghumante, travelling with Travelling Nepal Tips to Chitlang – Markhu.

Travelling Facts :-

District : Makwanpur

Zone : Narayani

Duration : A day or Night out(1N 2D)

Budget : Around 1K to 3K (depends on you how you spend)

Route : Balkhu – Chovar – Pharping – Salle – Kulekhani Dam – Markhu – Chitlang

Public Vehicle to Markhu : From Balkhu (Chameli Travels Bus) you can find the public bus which leave KTM at 7:30 am and will reach Markhu by 11:30 am, The same bus leave Markhu to KTM at 2:00 Pm (Rs. 160 Transportation Fare by Public Bus).

P.S :- There are alternative route for the Kulekhani Markhu which we can travel from Chandragiri either by hiking or by motor way. If we start from the Chandragiri our route will be Chandragiri – Chitlang – Markhu – Kulekhani Dam.

Kulekhani Dam

Kulekhani also know as Indra Sarobar is a man made dam in Makwanpur District in the Narayani Zone of southern Nepal which stores 85,300,000 m3 (69,200 acre⋅ft) of water. The dam was built with the purpose of generating the electricity however the dam have also posed the natural beauty and unique scenario which have attract many of the internal tourism inside the country through out the year. The View from the top of the Dam side is astonishing and steals our heart on the first sight of the Kulekhani Lake. Kulekhani Lake/Dam is alternative or is like second fewa taal for Kathmandu and Hetauda people.


Quick Facts :-

Kathmandu Balkhu to Kulekhani Distance : 40km

Duration : 3 hours for Motor Bike, 5 to 6 hours for cycle riders

Major Attraction : Dam side, Dam View and Thali khana (dal bhat) where price is Veg Khana Rs 150 & fish/chicken Rs 250 (Pareli Hotel and Lodge : 9865126322)

Markhu Village

Markhu is a small town at the northwestern shores of Indrasarovar and also one of the best hiking routes in the loop. Markhu is about 30 mins drive from Kulekhani Dam and about 7 km from the Kulekhani Dam. A small village above the Kulekhani Dam where Newars, Tamang, Magar, Bahun and different caste of people are living together. Markhu is one of the major attractions of this loop trip since after the Kulekhani Dam this is the first proper settlement we can find and also some proper hotel and lodge if we are looking for night stay.

Boating is another major attraction in Markhu where Rs150 per head is charged for half an hour boat ride and rate increase adding more hour for ride.

Markhu Boating
Markhu Boating

Bheda Farm is another key attraction point here where the doom shaped hill locks with green pasture land poses a vibrant beauty for this place which is about 15mins from Markhu.

Bheda Farm
Bheda Farm

Quick Facts :

Kulekhani Dam to Markhu Distance : Around 7km

Markhu to Bheda Farm Distance : Around 5km

Duration : Around 30mins (motor ride) from dam to markhu

Major Attraction :- Dam view, Suspension Bridge, Fish Farming and Fish khana set, Village, Bheda Farm and of course boating on the top priority.

Boating Charges : Rs 150 for half an hour

Lodge Information :

Hotel/Lodge Contact Number
Hotel the Cross River 9841437531 / 9817242108
Hotel Indrassarowar & Lodge 057-57620221 / 9845640928
New Shrestha Hotel and Lodge 9841938246 / 9816229599


Chitlang is a ancient Newar settlement dating back to Lichchavi era have been found in this place where people called Gopalis are the descendants of rulers of the Gopal era.  According to the inscription, Amshubarma had given the land to shepherds and established a settlement for shepherds in Toukhel, Nhulgaun, Kunchhal etc. of Chitlang. Some of the major attraction of the Chitlang is the old Newari houses, art and architecture, stupa and chaitya as well the village itself and most of the people visit Chitlang for a stay at Chitlang Organic Village Resort. On the way to the Chitlang, we can find Goat Cheese Factory, one of the first Goat Cheese Factory in Nepal.

Chitlang Organic Resort
Chitlang Organic Resort

Quick Facts :

Markhu to Chitlang Distance : Around 9km

Duration : Around 45min to 1 hours (motor ride)

Major Attraction :- Newari houses, art and architecture, stupa and chaitya as well the village itself, Cheese Factory and Chitlang Organic Village Resort (+977-9813302140, 9840383079).

In the Year 2018 February, we went for the cycle ride upto Markhu and Bheda Farm please checkout our YouTube Video of our cycle ride :

Note: Travelling Nepal Tips team just try to make your Travelling itinerary to this beautiful Markhu Village and Chitlang more easy and more accessible in trip. Hope this will help you in before hand arrangement so that even if you reach late while Travelling and need some help from local while in emergency it might be helpful. Travelling Nepal Tips team don’t know them individually nor they know us. We just collected some of the contact number while we travel Markhu and Chitlang.

Happy Journey,

Regards from Travelling Nepal Tips Team

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