Destination after Covid-19 ends – SOTALI DANDA, Gaurishakar Conservation Area⁣

Sotali Danda is probably a new destination for most of us, even for our team as well. 2 years ago we went to Rolwaling Valley of Gaurishankar conservation area. Sotali Danda is on the other side of the Gaurishankar Area. Our team is highly interested to visit this place soon, If anyone knows more about this place, let us know in comment section or inbox us ??.⁣

Destination Facts :⁣
Location: Gaurishankar RM 8, Khare⁣
Altitude: 3350m from Sea Level⁣
Distance: 16 Km from Singati (Trekking).⁣
(Singati is nearby Bhorley Jharna or Gongar khola, we can get direct transportation upto Singati)⁣
Attraction : Scenery, Mt Gaurishankar and Rolwaling Mountains, Ultimate adventure etc.⁣

??If you also want to share any Destination to be traveled after Covid-19, DM or email us at⁣

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