Destination after Covid-19 ends – Bethanchowk Narayanthan King of Hills

Bethanchwok, situated on the southern slopes of Kavrepalanchwok, is accepted to be the most noteworthy pinnacle of the Mahabharat Range. Situated at a height of 3000m from the ocean level, it brags distinctive perspectives the slopes and Himalayan reaches. Ridges in Nepal are a standout amongst the best place for touring in Nepal many offering perspectives of Tibetan crests on the North and Indian fields in the south.

Day 1 : Bhaktapur-Panauti-Dhungkharka-Narayanthan(Bethanchowk) 3 hrs of drive and then 5 hrs of hike.

Day 2 : Narayanthan, Bethanchowk – Dhungkharka-Panauti-Bhaktapur

?Budget: 1.5k

?️Difficulty: Moderate

?District: Kavrepalanchowk

? Best Season: September to November, April to May


Bethanchowk and its top View, panoramic snow covered serene Himalayan peaks like Jugal, Lhakpa Dorje, majestic view of Kathmandu Valley’s Top Hills.

In reality, this entire mountain is called Bethanchowk Narayanthan, named after the little sanctuary, Narayanthan, revered at the peak. Narayanthan is swarmed with aficionados amid the Fagu Purnima consistently. The pinnacle is generally known as Narayanthan as opposed to Bethanchowk. Individuals additionally allude it as the King of the Hills. The appropriate month for visit is Mangsir as indicated by the locals.

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