About Travelling Nepal Tips

Travelling Nepal Tips is a group of young and enthusiastic people, who possess the common interest of travelling and promoting tourism in beautiful Himalayan Country-Nepal. Travelling Nepal Tips team love to provide you the tips, information and guidance about the beautiful and magnificent places of Nepal. Travelling Nepal Tips also love to share about the culture, traditions of diverse cast and ethnics, life style, flora and fauna which you shouldn’t miss while you travel in Nepal.

This concept arose from our own experiences of travelling and trekking. We believe that traveler’s should enjoy to the fullest without any obstacles to reach the destination. But due to insufficient and poor information travelers face lots of hurdles and obstacles. We have realized that there is confusion in choosing the places, routes, hotels, etc. But if there is someone who have already visited the place, it’s much easier to get the guidance and information. This is very helpful for planning, budgeting, etc.

With this realization we started providing tips through Facebook page and Instagram with our available information’s. We found other people were benefited from our advice and suggestions from us. Our small initiation turn to be supportive guidance to other travelers. So, why not utilizing our leisure time to share and guide you with our available information and experiences through our Website in more managed way.

It is clear that we are nonprofit group just providing simple and easy tips to make travelers’ journey memorable. Visit our Facebook, Instagram pages as well if you are travelling to different parts of Nepal. We are trying to help travelers to explore the beauties that comes to your destinations. Then be one of the source of tips for other travelers. You will be fascinated by the flora and fauna, culture and traditions for the typical village, city, cast and so on.

How to connect with Travelling Nepal Tips:

Travelling Nepal Tips
Travelling Nepal Tips

We are always ready to help you for your travel journey. If you are the one who found Nepal as one of the magnificent place in the planet for visiting once in a life time and have some inquiry about your wonder place then please leave your query from our Contact page or email us to our email address mail@travellingnepaltips.com or travellingnepaltips@gmail.com. You can also Visit our Instagram and Facebook page for more information and daily post of travel journey and different interesting travel stories.

What you can expect from us:

We are not only bloggers but also a travel loving people. We explore first the places with detail study and then collect, compile the tips and update in our web portal and also in different social sites. As per the traveler’s inquiries, we will provide the tips and information. Essential information includes route direction, hotel/lodge contact numbers, home stay facility, sightseeing, festivals and other required tips.

Why we are interested:

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” Travelling Nepal Tips are common interest group who love to travel different part of Nepal. Explore in depth and share them with other interested people to make their travel easy and enjoyable. Beside this we are also interested to collect the stories, tips, information from the travelers and make them as source of information. Travelling Nepal Tips try to  link travelers with each other for sharing and supporting because we believe that one traveler’s passion and experiences are much valuable to inspire another travelers.