View of taudaha from white house

White House (Bosan Danda)

White House (Bosan Danda)  | Weekend Travel Tips | Weekend Ma Kaha Jane #4

Taudha as seen from White House
Taudha as seen from White House

White House (Bosan Danda) is one of the easiest and closest spots for hangout during the weekend. White House (Bosan Danda) is situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu in Chobar, Taudaha Lake is the perfect place to have a peaceful time by yourself or with your friends. With an incongruously solitary tree in the middle of the large water pool, Taudaha also has a variety of fish and migratory birds. The name, Taudaha, comes from a combination of Newari words ‘Ta’, meaning snake and ‘Daha’, which means lake.

White House View Point
White House View Point
View from White House at night
View from White House at night

Once you move towards the top of the hill you find White house. You will find cottage restaurant and white doomed water tank in the greenery pasture land where you can see spectacular views of the valley and Kirtipur valley. You can hike, cycle or ride with optional roads to reach the top.

Travelling Tips:

• Local bus is available for Taudaha

• Halfway gravelled road towards White house

• 2 wheeler can go but difficult during the rainy season for White house

• One and half hours hiking from the main road (shortcut way)

PS: “Weekend Ma Kaha Jane” is the Weekly suggesting post in which we try to suggest you a new place to travel in your weekend holidays inside and nearby the KTM Valley.

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