Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake Trekking

Tilicho lake is situated at the altitude of 4919 meter above sea level being world highest altitude lake located in Manang district. We Traveled Tilicho lake covering 6 Nights 7 Days and definitely Trekking to Tilicho lake is one of the finest trekking route because of the variations in the nature such as Landscape, Snow capped Mountains, Many waterfalls, people, art and culture and many more.

Day 1 : Kathmandu(1400m) – Dumre – Besisahar(760m)

Besisahar Bazaar
Besisahar Bazaar

Our first day of trekking starts driving from  Kathmandu to Besisahar which is the district headquarters of Lamjung District in Gandaki Zone. Besisahar is about 172KM far from the Capital Kathmandu and will require about 4 to 5 hours of drive. Besisahar Municipality has a warm and sub-tropical type of climate with deciduous forest type during this season.

Transportation Inquiry Details :

Ticket counter in Kathmandu: Besisahar Micro Service at Gongabu naya bus park Counter
Contact Number : 01-4364978 (just in case if you need to inquiry for ticketing)

Lodge at Besisahar :

Hotel/Lodge Contact Number
Hotel Puspanjali Resturant & Bar 9849167759 / 9846738021
Royal Mountain View 9823216579 / 9868834227 / 9855054679
Hotel Tukuche Peak 9846074653 / 9746011300
Hotel Mt. Kailash Restaurant & Lodge 9846250584
Gateway Himalaya Resort 066520301

Note: These hotels are of different category in terms of rate and service. So choose as per your budget and plan.
* There are different categories of lodges and hotels, you can find easily but in case of any emergency, you can use these information.

Day 2 : Besisahar – Tal – Chame – Manang

From Besisahar, you can easily find the 4wd jeep in Besisahar waiting for passengers to Manang or you can simply tell your lodge owner to call for the jeep they will even pick you at your lodge as well. You can trek from Besisahar itself which will take round 5 days to reach Manang which is of 90km uphill trekking.

Nepal's First Tunnel Way
Nepal’s First Tunnel Way 

If you decide to walk, you will not be alone you will find many travelers on the way. Road is totally off road, obstacles but much more scenario on the way. The best thing about the Besisahar to Manang is the waterfalls on your way. There are numbers of waterfall which is one of the beauty of the bumpy and shaky road that will definitely fascinates you.

Fascinating water falls on the way to Manang
Fascinating water falls on the way to Manang


Tal Village on the way to Manang
Tal Village on the way to Manang
Pc: B’cash Basnet

You will see beautiful villages on the way to Manang but you can’t satisfy your eyes just seeing them. So, we highly recommend you to spend some of those villages. You will not regret!  One of the best scenery you will find is the ‘Tal village’. If you are interested in experiencing village lifestyle or home stay you should stay by. They have good facilities of accommodation for the guest. We highly recommend people to spend one night here if possible to experience local life style of people and their culture. Similar you will pass by many other villages such as Timang, Katra, Lower and Upper Pisang, Dharapani, Jagat, Chame (headquarter of Manang districts) and Barkha Village.

Quick Facts
Total Distance : 90km
Total Hours (Jeep Ride) : 10hours including sightseeing

Hotel/Lodge Contact Number
Hotel Yak & Resturant 9841037459 / 9841461082
Tilicho Hotel, Manang 9846229768

Day 3 : Manang – Khangsar – Shree Kharka – Upper Shree Kharka – Tilicho Base Camp

The Beautiful scenario in the morning at Manang will definitely win your heart for sure. Manang village in this  District is one of the best village you will witness during this trek. The village is surrounded by the mountains with the flow of the Marsyandi river and the landscape view of the dry land having its unique art and cultural, and the people here in Manang are very friendly and helpful.

Manang Village
Beautiful Manang Village

If you plan to move on the same day then you must be prepared to reach Tilicho base camp on the same day for next stop. Once you reach Manang you will feel like you are somewhere else on the earth from your daily life, the life style, scenario, culture, tradition and the surrounding will amaze you in different way.

Hike to Gangapurna Lake

After the short hike of 15mins from Manang, you will reach one of the beautiful lake inside the Manang Village “Gangapurna Lake”. You will be crossing by the Suspension and the wooden bridge invented by the local people to reach here. The Gangapurna Lake is formed by the avalanche falling down from the Gangapurna Himal as you can see while being there avalanche falling from the Gangapurna Himal to the Ganpurna Lake.

Gangapurna Lake
Crystal Clear Gangapurna Lake and its surroundings

Manang To Khangsar

Once you finish sightseeing in  Gangapurna lake, you should march to our end point destination ‘Tilicho Base Camp’ for the accomodation. While marching toward the base camp we will be entering several village before we could make to the base camp. One of them is the Khangsar which is 2/3 hours from Manang depending on the speed of the individuals.

Khangsar Village
Entrance of Khangsar Village


Hotel in Khangsar
One of the hotels that we satyed in Khangsar

Quick Facts
Duraton: 5.6km
Manang To Khangsar : 2/3 Hours

Lodge at Khangsar:
Hotel Khangsarkang & Restaurant : 9843172015/9846320328 (They have the hotel in Tilicho Base camp as well)

Khangsar To Upper Shree Kharka

The way up here is little hard way as you have already walked from Manang to Khangsar and the wind during the day time will make you little fatigue but don’t worry it’s normal here. Hotel and Lodge are in very less number in between Khangsar and Upper Shree Kharka. The only hotel in between here is the hotel in Shree kharka. Even Upper Shree Kharka have only one hotel which might have maximum capacity to serve 20 to 30 peoples only.

Meanwhile, this is point where you need to decide either to go to base camp or to stay in the Upper Shree Kharka. If you are already late and the sun have already falls down then consult with the local people over there because the road after this point is little risky as you have to step down the “LANDSLIDE TRAIL” so being on time and reaching the Tilicho Base Camp safely must be our ultimate goal.

Shree Kharka 

Quick Facts
Duraton: 3.7km
Khangsar to Upper Shree Kharka: 2 Hours

Lodge at Upper Shree kharka:
Hotel Blue Sheep & Restaurant : 9860695331/9846527480

Upper Shree Kharka to Landslide Trial to Tilicho Basecamp

Landslide Trail
Landslide Trail

After upper Shree Kharka, you will come across landslide area, this is one of the adventure as well as risk of the trek  which is almost for 1.5hrs of walk. The trial up here is not difficult as some of the travelers has shared  as it is one of the difficult part of the trek but be very conscious and focus as one wrong step can leads to your serious damage. The trial is very narrow, only one person at the lane and in some area some small rocks keep continuously falling. We are thankful towards local people who have managed the landslide trial very well that they have made the strong base to the edge on this trial lane to avoid trial damage so hats off to all those people who have contributed.

After continuously walking in the landslide area, we will see landslide area finish signboard on the way, which will definitely make you relief in many way. Far from the hill, now you can see Tilicho base camp laying below the hills and the mountains. We really enjoyed the food where you will find varieties of menu at its best price.

Tilicho Base Camp

Quick Facts
Duraton: 5.2km
Khangsar to Upper Shree Kharka: 2.5 Hours

Lodge at Tilicho Base Camp:
Hotel Khangsarkang & Restaurant : 9843172015/9846320328 (They also have lodge in Khansar as well)

Day 4 : Tilicho Base Camp – Tilicho Lake – Tilicho Base Camp

Early Morning after your quick breakfast including garlic soup, pack your bag with only the needed things and leave everything in the Hotel since you have to be back again to Tilicho Base Camp. The best time to make a move from Base Camp would be early morning as much as possible so that you can reach Tilicho Lake early as possible and can spend much time there with clear view. We need 3 hours to reach there, for slow and beginners it might take to the 4 or even 5 hours. Things to remember here is there is no hotel in Tilicho Lake, but Luckily there is one tea shop where you can have some tea and some noddles as well. The cost here is little expensive but it’s worth it even you will also feel the same that the cost is nothing for the availability of food in such a high camp.

22 Ghumti
22 Ghumti (22 turnings)

The most challanging part of the day would be 22 Ghumti(turnings), you can see from the below that you have climb this Ghumti(zig-zag) in many way. After this one, feel relief the road is much easy and will require just 30mins after you complete this. Sooner or later you will be to your destination ‘TILICHO LAKE’ world highest altitude situated lake at 4919M.

Tilicho Lake- world’s height altitude lake


Posing at Tilicho Lake
Friendship goals -Tilicho Treking

After you are done with  Tilicho Lake, now it’s time to be back to the base camp. NOTE:- no matter how much you are enjoying it will be better to go down to base camp after 4PM. As we still need 2hours to be in base camp so 4pm is the last hour to stay in the Tilicho. Please don’t stay more than this other wise as the sun falls down, the darkness and the windy blow of the mountain will make you suffers and even altitude Sickness. When you are back to the lodge have some hot soup, garlic soup is the best one.

Quick Facts
Duraton: 8.1km
Tilicho Base Camp to Tilicho Lake to Tilicho Base Camp: 8 Hours including photography session and sight seeing at tilicho lake

Day 5 : Tilicho Base Camp to Manang

Day 5 is to say good bye to Base camp, so with heavy heart it’s time to move downwards to Manang again. It’s better to walk right after having some breakfast and the route is same from where you came from the Manang. So, you know much more about this way and easily pass the trial. Have some foods in the Shree Kharka and enjoy the night in the Manang Village by hanging with your crew.

Beautiful Hotel in Manang

Day 6 : Manang – Besisahar

Take a look around to Manang village for the last time, if you got some time in the morning go for the Barkha Village which is just few minutes walk from the Manang Village or ask the local where you can have some walk for couple of hours. After you are done with the everything now it’s time to go back to the Besisahar through the same bumpy road and the same 4wd jeep.


Day 7 : Besisahar – Kathmandu

Besisahar to kathmandu is about 4 to 5 hours of drive so you can make your own time to return and extend your destination to nearby place of the same route while returning to kathmandu and it’s up to you and your crew.

Trekking Map

Tilicho lake trekking map
Tilicho lake trekking map

Other Useful Mobile App

You can download “MAPS.ME”, which is also a offline map for you.
If you are travelling in a group and need to manage the combine money of a group, Download “Money Lovers” Apps. You will definitely not regret using these 2 app.

Note: Travelling Nepal Tips team just try to make your Travelling more easy and more accessible to the lodge so that even if you reach late while trekking and need some help from local while in emergency it might be helpful. Travelling Nepal Tips team don’t know them individually nor they know us. We just collected some of the contact number while we travel this trekking route.

Happy Journey

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