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Trek to Budhinanda Taal – Destination after Covid19

Budhinanda taal (lake) is not famous among Kathmanduties and travelers. One of the off-the-beaten-track destination in West Nepal, which dared to redefine the concept of conventional trekking.⁣⁣The 13-day trek to the Budhinandha Tal (lake), a pilgrimage site in one of the remotest part of Far West Nepal, Bajura, included almost 4 days of barefoot walking […]


Trek to Pikey Peak [Lower Solukhumbu]⁣ – Destination after Covid19

Wonderful trekking experience to the best vantage point of Everest Many Trekkers call it as best point to witness Everest. ⁣⁣Even Sir Edmund Hillary claimed it as his favorite spot to enjoy Everest. The name Pikey is derived from local Sherpa Clan deity which represents the sky over nature.⁣ Itinerary Day 1: Kathmandu to Bhakunde […]


Trek to Chepang Hill – Destination After Covid19

Chepang Hill is a new trekking trail. This trekking trail offers us the opportunity to trek to the high hills and dwindling rivers. The trekking route has not yet been highly commercialized, that’s why the trail is less crowded. This trek will allow us to be part of a unique culture and tradition of Chepang […]