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Shivapuri National Park

Shivapuri National Park  | Weekend Travel Tips | Weekend Ma Kaha Jane #2

Shivpuri National Park is one of the closest and famous destinations to escape from the hustle and bustle of the Kathmandu valley pollution. This park covers 3 districts i.e. Kathmandu, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok.  Shivapuri National Park has been popular for internal visitors wherein 2017 this national park has the highest number of tourist. This national park is the home for different flora and fauna and beside this area is the religious significance to Hindus and Buddhist. this park also offers the stunning views of the Himalayan range and its get way to Helambu, Sundarijal and Chisapani.

This park is good for short hiking or a day hiking, it’s up to you how you want to make it. We will give you details and tips for your planning for this park. Since this park is inside the jungle it’s easy to be protected from the sun in summer and get more chance of encountered by the monsoon rain. but any season you can plan where you will enjoy different aspects of the beauty of this place. It’s always smart to be prepared as per the weather and the place.

How to reach Shivapuri ?
You will find the public vehicle up to Budhanilkantha bus park then you have to walk maximum 10mins to reach to the entrance of the park.  there you will find the ticket counter, get the ticket in Rs.60 per person. Sometimes they ask you to take the guide if you are in the group more but some time in our experience we haven’t asked to take the guide. so its always better to consult with the people in the counter they suggest you as per the need of the situation. So take the advice for your safety. After this, you can start your hike towards the thick jungle.  There is the number of signboards to reach the Shivpuri peak so just follow the signs. Beside this, there are different routes just make sure which route you want to follow. after this, you can follow the signboards and marks to make your way easy.
Route :- Muhan pokhari – Nagi Gumba – Baghdwar – Shivapuri peak.

Travelling Tips:

  • Public buses are available in Ratna park or reach Narayamthan Chowk and take micro or bus up to Budhanilkantha. It will take you 30 minutes to reach from Ratnapark
  • wear comfortable shoes and clothes
  • No hotel/shops so carry your own food and water (please use dustbins or be responsible to make the area clean by managing your own trashes)
  • Ticket counter opens at 9 am and closes at 4 pm
  • Major  places to visit- Nagigumba, Baghdwar, Muhanpokhari


Ticket counter and entrance to Sivapauri National Park
Information Board in Shivapuri National Park
Muhan Pokhari
NagiGumba -Buddhist Monastery

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