Sailung Trekking

Sailung:“Sai-hundred, Lung-hills” land of hundred hills, Thulo Sailung is located at the height of 3,146m which is the best viewpoint for the Himalayan panoramas which is located in the border of Ramechhap and Dolakha but it is VDC of Ramechhap district. Sailung has been gaining popularity for trekking as the Indigenous trail; its unique landscape and amazing views allure most of the travellers. This trekking provides fantastic Himalayan panoramas views stretching from Dhauligiri and Annapurna in the West, Langtang Range, Ganesh Himal region & Rolwaling region. Almost 90% of mountains range can be seen from this place and this is another attraction of this place.
Sailung trekking is not only for Himalayan views, but it has very unique structure i.e. hundreds of dooms the hills where you feel like playing hide and seek. This place has its distinctive beauty in different seasons like in winter Sailung is covered with snows from mid-winter and spring is filled with Rhododendrons, and greener pastures leave you speechless remaining seasons. The trail is easily where everyone can easily complete and make beautiful memories. The road is gravel but if you are planning to travel by bike you can make it but it’s little difficult. But do not plan bike ride during snowfall and rainy season.

Travelling Facts:

Destination: Sailung
District: Ramechap
Level: Moderate
Duration: 3days
Route of this Trek :
# 1st day:– Kathmandu – Mude(106KM, 5hrs ride via Araniko highway)- Sailung(26Km, 5 hours walk)
# 2nd day:- Sailung – Mude
# 3rd day:- Mude – Kathmandu
Specialty: magnificent view of Kalinchok, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range, Kanchanjunga, Langtang range and Rolwaling region, the Mahabharat rage in the south, 100 hills, pine forest walk and local food.
Max Altitude :3300m

Travelling Tips in details:

“Kathmandu – Mude, Dolakha(106KM)”

If you are planning to travel by public bus then, you will find the direct bus from Ratna park which will leaves at 6am and 9am in the different time for Mude, Dolakha . Travelling Nepal Tips recommend taking the first bus if you want to reach Sailung on the same day. After travelling around 5hours via SuryaBinayak, Banepa, Dhulikhel, DolalGhat and Khadi Chaur, finally, you will reach Mude, Dolakha, the last bus stop. Here you can take your lunch and start your hiking towards Sailung. “Mude To Deurali (Bagkhor)”. We came to know there is the direct bus from Kathmandu to Bhaise so if you want to shorten your hiking distance try to find the direct bus in Kathmandu. If not after reaching Mud there are two options for you i.e. either you can wait for the bus from Kathmandu to Bhaise or start your hiking. After this, the road is dusty and bumpy so you might not enjoy as much as you walk. So, Travelling Nepal Tips recommends you to start the hike from here.  There are beautiful villages and places that will come across on your way which will add more beauty to your journey.
Mude,Dolakha take right form here for Sailung as shown in sign
Beautiful Buddhist Stupa in Mude

“Mude,Dolakha – Deurali(Bagkhor)”

After walking 2 hours form Mude, you will reach Deurali(Bagkhor), it is a small Bazaar which is the last place for you if you need to buy anything. This is a beautiful semi-develop town where there are good shops and hotels, if you like taking tea you can but spend time as per your plan because still long way to go.
Beautiful Dhunge where children came to greet travelers..we cheer them with chocolate

 “Deurali (Bagkhor) To Dhunge(2490m)”

After walking 2 hours you will reach Dhunge bypassing beautiful pine forest and villages and the other side you can see Charikot(Headquarter of Dolakha)and Kalinchowk on opposite hills. There are small hotels with accommodation facilities it’s like home stay moreover. While you are in Dhunge, make the decision for Khola Kharka the next stop whether you can reach Sailung on the same day or not. If you are already late in Dhunge you should stop at this point because Khola Kharka is still 3 hours of uphill hike. But if you have enough time keep moving towards Khola Kharka.
It’s rough and graveled road where transportation just introduced 3 years back
Beautiful Magar Gaun in Dhunge

“Dhunge To Khola Kharka(2948m)”

After walking 3-4 hours you will reach Khola Kharka where this will be the last stop/village to reach Sailung. Till this village, it is an easy path but after this, the trial is narrow and difficult. So you need to carry torch lights and try to reach Sailung before it gets too late. So we Travelling Nepal Tips  shares phone numbers of the hotel owner from Sailing in the tips who can help you to arrange your accommodation and also find your ways if you lost your way. So be ready for all these and continue towards your final destination.
You will be pass by this beautiful pine forest…
Turkey on your way with the beautiful background of Mountain..

“Khola Kharka To Sailung Hill (3,146m)”

You will pass by Icy road during the winter..

Finally, after walking 7-8 hours you will reach your destination for on the first day Khola Khara where you can bookthe hotel or accommodate yourself in pre-booking hotel and spend the night. In Sailung do not expect fancy hotels or lodges, it’s small Tamang village who have initiated small-scale business by their own effort to support tourism intheir place. Since this place is just booming for the tourism, there are small hotel and shops are available for your journey. You will pass by the beautiful villages and scenery on the way to Thulo Sailung.Thulo Sailung has around 7-8 hotels. But definitely, you will be provided local delicious food.  You can ask for typical items if not serve such as- “Jhaikhutti”, “local chicken with Dido”, Local bake eggs, “Chyang” these will give you additional experiences to your journey. Do not forget to sit outside in the open and clear sky filled with twinkling and shooting stars and to make a wish.


The clear glittering stars at night..Night view from Sailung
The next morning wake up early in the morning and start walking towards the Sailung hill which will take 15-20 mins staircase walk then you will reach the final view tower. Do not miss the sunrise and the early view. You will be blessed with amazing and spectacular views. But it is impossible to gratify yourself but you have to move according to your plans.


The sun rise seen form the Top of the hill, Sailung


Sailung-Land of hundred Hills
Small group of Tamang settlement is your cozy fooding and lodging hotels, Sailung
More views form Sailung…
……and more views


P.S. this is all about sharing travelling experiences with Travelling Nepal Tip’s team members. The team had made travel during the first week of January 2018 by motorbike. The other information about hiking has shared through experiences, estimation and suggestions from local people. If you want to try by motorbike let us know, we will be happy to provide you more information.
These are the four TNT travelers who witness the beauty of Sailung is found nowhere on this planet…

Thank you 🙂

Happy Journey

TNT Family

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