Ghale Gaun

Ghale Gaun and Bhujung Village Visit

Ghale Gaun and Bhujung village might be the best option for you if you are planning to have the real taste of the typical nepali village with home stay that includes short trek with the people you love to travel, then . You will require 3 night and 4 days to explore these 2 beautiful Village of Gurung.

In the middle hills and valleys along the southern slope of the Annapurna Himalaya in the mid- western Nepal; the Gurungs cohabit together with other ethnic groups. They are rich in culture and traditions. They are one of the group who are selected for Gorkha regiment of British and Indian Army; Royal Nepalese Army and the police.

Trekking route:

  • Way up: Kathmandu – Besisahar – Khudi – Ghale Gaun – Ghanpokhara- Bhujung
  • Way down: Bhujung – Ghale Gaun – Khudi – besisahar – Kathmandu

 Trekking facts :

Ghale Gaun and Bhujung cultural trek is about to learn the culture and tradition of Gurung and Ghale community people along with the spectacular view of the different mountains including Annapurna Range and Manaslu.

There are no lodges and hotels in these villages but they have a unique way of serving guests with their Home Stay Facilities and treating guests very well from welcoming to the farewell of visitors and the unity of the people over there will amaze us.

  • Duration: 3 Night 4 days
  • Difficulty: Modorate Trek
  • Activity: Sightseeing and trekking
  • Accommodation: Hotel and Home Stay/Tent
  • Maximum altitude: 2157M
  • Specialty of trek: Forest way, Rhododendron on route, Khudi khola, Waterfalls, Landscape, Honey Hunting Sites, Gurung Culture and tradition, People and food, Home stay Services
  • Contact number at Ghale Gaun home Stay Office : 9779864389010


Day 1 : Kathmandu – Dumre – Besisahar

The very first day of this trek will be drive from the Kathmandu to Besisahar which is the district headquarters of Lamjung District in Gandaki Zone. Besisahar is about 172KM far from the Capital Kathmandu and will require about 4 to 5 hours of drive. Besisahar Municipality has a warm and sub-tropical type of climate with deciduous forest type.

Besisahar Micro Service at Gongabu naya bus park Counter

Contact Number : 01-4364978 (just in case if you need to enquiry for ticketing)

Lodge at Besisahar :

Hotel Tukuche Peak: 9846074653/9746011300

Hotel Mt. Kailash Restaurant & Lodge: 9846250584

* There are lots of lodge and hotel, you can find easily but might be helpful just in case of any emergency.

Day 2 : Besisahar – Khudi – Ghale Gaun

Besisahar to Khudi : 30 mins on local vehicle

Khudi to Ghale Gaun : 4 to 5 hrs Hike

After the 30 mins ride from the Besisahar to Khudi, your hiking start and instead of following the vehicle route there is an alternative walking path and can escape from the dust of the off road speedy vehicle on the way.

…on the way to Ghale Gaun form Khudi
There are beautiful small villages on your way…

In between these 5 hours hiking you should have been pass by other small villages, several forests way where we can see different rare flora and fauna are playing along with different vegetation, spring water fall & many eye attracting views along with the spectacular view of the different mountains including Annapurna Range and Manaslu.

After you reach the Ghale Gaun, they have a unique way of welcoming the visitors by offering the tika on the forehead and the Flowers Mala as a respect. Visitors will be accommodated with the Home Stay Facilities but don’t worry they have managed visitors stay very well including the Wifi accessible all over the Ghale Gaun, neat and clean bed and not attached but clean toilets.

traditional ways of welcoming guest in the village….

Day 3 : Ghale Gaun – GhanPokhara – Bhujung

Ghale Gaun (2070 M) to Ghan Pokhara (2157 M) : 45 mins

Ghale Gaun (2070 M) to Bhujung (1696 M) : 2 hours

Explore Ghale Gaun from early in the morning with beautiful sunrise from the village until then people where you stayed will be preparing a typical breakfast for you and this is not going to be regular tea biscuit breakfast or American breakfast with coffee and sandwiches instead it’s going to be phapar ko selroti, Jhiljhile and the Tarkari with soup.

Ghale Gaun Village

Ghale Gaun view point is 5 or 10 mins far from the place you will be staying, from where you can witness spectacular view of Annapurna Himalayan range, Ganesh Himal, Lamjung Himal and Manaslu Himal as well as the whole Ghale Gaun village landscape.

Traditional Breakfast in the home stay


  • Explore Ghale Gaun
  • Visit Museum
  • Try Local Foods like Phapar ko selroti, Jhiljhile, Local Sukuti, Jhaikuti & Local Chicken
  • Explore Handicraft work of Ghale Gaun
  • Witness Spectacular mountains view
  • Visit Temples like Uttarkanya temple and Monastery
  • Visit village and get fascinated by the 105 Ghale and Gurung style houses
  • Visit Tea Garden
  • Bird watching at Talangyo Lake

Ghale Gaun (2070M) To Ghan Pokhara (2157M)

Ghan Pokhara is in the high altitude than the Ghale Gaun so you are climbing the Uphill and will require about 45 mins. Explore Ghana Pokhara, honey hunting sites, Rhododendron forest way, friendly villagers tour and more.

Traditional houses in Bhujung

Ghale Gaun (2070 M) to Bhujung (1696 M)

Bhujung Village

Bhujung, the largest Gurung settlement in Annapurna Conservation Area, is located at an altitude of 1696 meters from sea level in north west of Beshisahar, Lamjung. The major occupation of the local people are agriculture and livestock farming. Apart from this majority of youths are engaged in overseas employment.

Bhujung is about 2 hours hike from the Ghale Gaun or 30 mins of drive but be sure that the vehicle only runs once or twice in a day.

Bhujung Village


  • Explore Bhujung
  • Visit Bhujung Museum
  • Explore Handicraft work of Bhujung
  • Explore Unique mode of Settlement
  • Visit Tea Garden
  • Visit Kaiyo water fall
  • Rope ways
  • Visit Honey Hunting sites
  • Visit Monastery
  • Visit hydro power sites

Faces Of Bhujung

Make sure you have time to return Ghale Gaun before the night falls or if you wish to stay at Bhujung that is also favourable but you will need to walk (2hrs) more tomorrow while downfalling to besisahar. So it’s upto you and your group to decide either to walk 2hrs today or 2 hrs tomorrow.

Bhujung Village and the life style of its people

Day 4: Ghale Gaun – Khudi – Besisahar- Kathmandu

Early morning after you have your breakfast, take your pace to fall down for the khudi. How Early you can reach khudi it will be easy for you to return kathmandu. If you required 5 hours while ascending to Ghale Gaun from Khudi, now you can reach khudi via 4 hours while descending. From khudi to besisahar, same local bus or micro van up to besisahar. From besisahar you can easily get your ticket to kathmandu.

Trekking Map

Ghale Gaun Trekking Map

Other Useful Mobile App

  • You can download “ME”, which is also a offline map for you.
  • If you are travelling in a group and need to manage the combine money of a group, Download “Money Lovers” App.

You will definitely not regret using these 2 app.

Note: Travelling Nepal Tips team just try to make your Travelling more easy and more accessible to the lodge so that even if you reach late while trekking and need some help from local while in emergency it might be helpful. Travelling Nepal Tips team don’t know them individually nor they know us. We just collected some of the contact number while we travel this trekking route.


Happy Journey

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