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Ama Yangri Trek

Ama Yangri is located something about 90km north of Kathmandu Valley which is highest peak that is nearest from the Captial City Kathmandu. Ama Yangri is an area inhabited by Sherpas, Tamangs and Chhetries under Helambu Circuit trekking which is one of the famous destinations for the travellers which lies in the Sindupalchok district under the Langtang National park. Helambu Circuit Trekking also well-known as “Hyolmo Heritage” is an easy, natural and geographically fascinating trekking tour that visitors can experience the mountains of Majestic Himalayan scenery, great opportunity to experience Green Landscapes and unique Hyolmo Culture. It is naturally and geographically fascinating trekking tour that travelers can experience the mountains of Majestic Himalayan scenery, great opportunity to experience Green Landscapes and Hyolmo culture. From low altitudes, we have excellent views of mountains that include the Langtang Range, the Annapurnas, Manaslu and even Everest on a clear day.  The language, culture and dress of the Helambhu Sherpas are very different from those who live in Khumbu area and Rolwaling. The region is very famous place for Thanka arts.

It is situated in the altitude of 3771m and the trek passes through some beautiful rhododendron, pine and oak forests. This trek can be immensely enjoyed in the Nepalese month of Chaitra, which more or less fall on the month of March or April. On the full moon day of Chaitra the Hylmos from all around the region, country and abroad as well flock to Aama Yangri. As a part of the ritual, they climb to the summit of this mountain before daybreak and witness the sunrise. On one hand, the lamas pay homage to the mother protector by carrying out hours long prayer and on the other, the locals bask in the sun and enjoy butter tea, barley beer and local wine.

Travelling Facts 

Destination : Ama Yangri, Helambu
District : Sindhupalchowk
Difficulty : Moderate
Duration : 3 days

Permit : yes foreigners need to have the Tims and the permit of Langtang National Park Entrance which will cost around Rs 3000, For Saarc country Rs 1500 and the new rule of the government is also charging Nepali People Rs 100 as the Entrance fee.

Bus Ticket Information : Narayantar Shiva Chowk (few minutes from Baudha)

Route of this Trek :
1st day :- Chabahil – Melamchi – Timbu – Tarkeghyang (90 Km )

P.S. There is only bus per day that goes upto the Tarkeghyang, meanwhile in Rain season the bus goes upto the Timbu only. There are quite few numbers of bus that goes to the Timbu everyday.

2nd day :- Tarkeghyang – Ama Yangri ( 4 Hours Trek)

3rd day :- Back to Kathmandu or can extended by return from Shermathang – Melamchi gaun and back to kathmandu if you have couple of more days to spend.

P.S. 3days is a tight schedule so it will be better to have a additional days, also if you can’t have a return bus from the Tarkeghyang but only from timbu then 4 days will be good for you.

Helpful Contact Information :

Buddha Lodge : 9869763905

Hotel Yangri Peak : 9749636246 / 9803634527 / 9621188278 / 9619780021

Snowfall Mountain Resort (Sermanthang): 9823101502 / 9840669280

Speciality : Mountains like (Langtang Ranges , Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shanker, Mt. Everest) can be seen, Hyolmo Culture, Home Stay, Forest Way, Greenery and Rhododendron forest, 360 Panorama View.
Max Altitude : 3,771m

Our Travelling Experiences 

Group of Travelers Posing on the top of Ama Yangri
Group of Travelers Posing on the top of Ama Yangri

It is one of the shortest and easiest destinations for the trekers to travel and enjoy the 360 degree of mountainous view. Most fun and easy way to drive is by bike to reach Ama Yangri. There are optional rout, we Travelling Nepal Tips team choose to start form Chabahil towards Shanku where the road was dusty and musty but it is the short cut road for us. Short cuts are short but never the easy one. Bikers found it was adventurous and tired going downwards to reach Melamchi. It took us nearly 3 hours to reach Melamchi where we took break for the tea to energize the excitement that has soak by the short cut road. After this our speed elevated and we stared enjoying the beautiful sceneries around us. The yellow mustard fields, the river side by side, green paddy filed were some of the attraction that forced us to use our camera time and again. It was Shivaratri and we were encounter by the children on the road blocking our ways. I don’t know we should say it was obstacles or as part of the fun of our journey. We almost gave them Rs.500 to get our way open.

Group of Travelers Posing on the top of Ama Yangri
Group of Travelers Posing on the top of Ama Yangri

The next day we wake up late not as we had plan but it was spectacular clear view in the surrounding which freshen us. Travelling Nepal Tips team had  breakfast and pack some foods for the way as well and started our journey. The excitement to reach the top was one of the things running as fantasy on our mind. On our way we encounter with different kinds of wild animals, Yak and the more over that it was Rhododendron forest. It was wonderful ride. But unfortunately our way was cover by thin layer of snow which made our way slippery. Actually it was not right plan to ride, we should have walk but anyways after struggling with slippery road we finally reach hiking route. We met other travelers from the hotel there. Definitely it was not right plan to bring bike. We all started at time and that time we were together. They told us the walking route was more fun and we felt sorry for us and jealous to hear them.

view point at Ama Yangri
view point at Ama Yangri

Travelling Nepal Tips team started ascending together our final destination-Ama Yangry. Aama yangri derives its name from the religiously significant mountain Ama means mother in Nepalese and this peak is believed to be the goddess protector (dakini) of the entire Hyolmo valley region. We were on the half way of our walk where we could see the snow Cover Mountains but unluckily clouds stated moving towards the peak. Once we reach the top everything was covered. We could see only snow on the ground and the top was covered in colourful prayer flags and the stupa was damage by the earthquake. We waited for an hour to clear the view but we were not lucky so we played in the snow and came back to our hotel. Some of the travelers got altitude sickness but we manage to reach safely to the hotel.

Ama Yangri Before Earthquake
Ama Yangri Before Earthquake

Travelling Nepal Tips team reached to the hotel late in the evening where we join the other group and the owner of the hotel for feasting and sharing. The owner of the hotel shared us about the history and facts about the place, about his business and all. He also played his traditional instrument called “Tungna” and we all join him singing different Nepali songs. That was really compensation for our unlucky day. The next morning it was bright sunny morning, where we all had breakfast and ready for the leave. We capture group photos for the lasting memories and ride the same route back to Kathmandu.

When I see beautiful pictures of Ama Yangri I feel how we were unlucky on that day. But when I see the beautiful pictures from the collection of our journey I cherished it was such a memorable journey just to see the eye catching views and pictures that we took on our way. Travelling means not only reaching the destination but observing the unnoticeable things on the way and making them beautiful memories of your journey is the most hidden values of the journey.

Useful Mobile App
You can download “MAPS.ME”, which is also a offline map for you.
If you are travelling in a group and need to manage the combine money of a group, Download “Money Lovers” App. You will definitely not regret using these 2 app.

Happy Journey

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    • Ramesh Luitel
    • January 3, 2023

    Very informative thank you so much for the information.

  1. Reply

    great trekking area of Helambu Ama yangri peak information.

    • Sanjeela
    • February 8, 2023

    Is this a good option for solo female travelers?

      • tntadmin
      • February 24, 2023

      Yes and no !!!
      Yes because the community is very friendly and the trail is amazing if you have done a few other treks before then you might know what trek is all about. Also, the altitude is not so high, at least you don’t have to sleep at high altitude.

      No, because this is not a quite popular trek and you might not meet lots of people like in Annapurna Circuit and EBC or ABC trek, also the trail after the Tarkeghang is a jungle at first and completely uphill trek.

      Conclusion: If you have done a few other treks you can try solo traveling if you also are confident in this. The good news is lots of males/females have already done solo traveling to this trail already 🙂 .

    • Rozi Gurung
    • May 2, 2023

    Thank you so much for information ??

      • tntadmin
      • May 5, 2023


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    Can we go to Tarkeghyang by car, or do we need to hire a Jeep?

      • tntadmin
      • June 20, 2023

      You can go to Tarkheghyang by car if you have good ground clearance. I would suggest to go by 4w only since the road is totally offroad with full of rock on some part of the journey. We went there in Bike last time and it was quite difficult at some part of the journey, need some help from pillion person to push and pull durning journey

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    Beautifully crafted article about the Helambu Ama Yanri Trek route adds more choices for trekkers in the future.

    • Manu
    • November 9, 2023

    what would be the minimum budget for per person ? and me and my sister is planing to go on november 16?

      • tntadmin
      • November 16, 2023

      5k is enough for this trip if you spend wisely

    • trek jane
    • December 21, 2023

    how do we get bus and bus ticket number?????

      • tntadmin
      • December 22, 2023

      You can get the bus from the Narayantar Shiva Chowk (few minutes from Baudha)

        • Nisha Sah
        • June 2, 2024

        Can we go complete this trek in monsoon (June/July)??

          • tntadmin
          • June 5, 2024

          Yes you can and prepared for the monsoon and leeches !!!

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